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Goulds 3298 Chemical Process Pumps – 4 NEW flow sizes and 5 year warranty

ITT Goulds 3298 Chemical Process Pumps Do your process applications require a leak-free, EPA standard, corrosion resistant pump?  Edelmannn and Goulds Pumps have the solution.  The 3298 Chemical Process Pump even comes with several new features! Handles the toughest chemical applications – moderate to severe – with new corrosion resistance finish Mag Drive Seal-less design...
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Viking Pump NEW Asphalt Pumps

Viking Pump has long been a leader in Asphalt pumps.  Now the NEW 1224A-ASP and 1324A-ASP pumps are even better.  These pumps are designed specifically for asphalt, bitumen, pitch, bunker oils, residual oils and related materials that solidify at ambient temperatures. They come standard with Viking’s O-Pro® Cartridge seal to prevent leaks of your process...
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Liquiflo Pump Repair Kits

Liquiflo Pump Repair Kits contain all components to completely rebuild your Liquiflo Gear Pump to like-new condition. Why Use A Liquiflo Repair Kit? Repair Kits simplify inventory and speed repair Repair Kits assure that all wear items in the pump will be replaced Liquiflo Repair Kits encourage replacement of non-reusable items such as O-rings and...
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Gear Pumps for Metering Applications vs Diaphragm Pumps?

Metering or dosing refers to the delivery of an accurately measured amount of liquid. Metering, in one form or another, is used throughout all industries — from paper making to film processing, to chemical manufacturing, to plating, cleaning, etc. Until recently, many users have considered only diaphragm pumps or piston pumps for their metering applications....
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Liquiflo Pumps for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Liquiflo Rotogear® Pumps have solved many pumping problems for the Pulp & Paper industry due to their versatility, reliability, and pulse-less flow. Rotogear® Positive Displacement High-Alloy Pumps can handle many difficult chemical pumping applications associated with the production of Pulp & Paper. For decades, Liquiflo has met the needs of this worldwide industry by supplying...
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Wilden Chemical Pumps

Chemical Process Manufacturers that use chemicals such as caustics, acids, solvents and polymers have stringent safety needs during their production process to protect their staff, the environment and output. AODD pumps are a perfect choice for chemical processors.  They outperform competitive technologies in terms of reliability and cost-effectiveness, and  prevent leaks and cross-contamination.  Learn more...
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Wilden Sanitary & Hygienic Pumps for Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical

Edelmann offers a number of sanitary pump options for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.  Wilden AODD Pumps for hygienic applications have been designed to conform with sanitary standards (3A, EHEDG and FDA Guidelines, etc.), while providing gentle product handling, superior containment and easy maintenance.   Specialty Series – Saniflo™ Hygienic™ (HS) Pumps Free-draining flow path...
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Wilden AODD Pump Parts, Diaphragms & Pulsation Dampeners

Genuine OEM Wilden  Pump Parts are critical to ensure your pumps are operating at optimal performance and to preserve your Wilden factory warranty.  Pirated parts lower your flow rates, cause more frequent breakdowns and reduce operational safety.  Be sure you are getting only Wilden parts by ordering directly from Edelmann.  Learn how to tell the...
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Why Buy Genuine OEM ITT Goulds Pump Parts

Edelmann & Associates can provide the genuine OEM ITT Goulds Pump parts you need, plus the pump repair service you can trust.  These parts : Are manufactured to the strictest tolerances on computer numerically controlled equipment in Goulds ISO certified facility. Have the latest hydraulic design specifically for your ITT Goulds Pump. Why Buy Genuine...
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ITT Goulds Centrifugal Pump Selector and Guide

ITT Goulds offers a wide range of industrial pumps for use in many different industries and applications.  If you are looking for assistance selecting the best centrifugal pump for your application, Edelmann is at your service.  If you would like to understand the considerations for our pump recommendations, these ITT Goulds Pump resources may be...
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