Ekato Fluid offers high quality engineered industrial mixers and agitators for all your process needs. All Ekato mixers are price competitive solutions custom built for your application.

Edelmann & Associates is proud to offer Ekato Fluid mixers and parts in Minnesota, the Dakotas, and western Wisconsin. Ekato Fluid’s custom-built industrial agitators are engineered for blending, suspending solids, gassing, heat transfer and emulsion.

Ekato excels at designing custom mixing solutions that meet project requirements and are available with excellent lead times. Typical delivery times would be 6-8 weeks from time of purchase, and even sooner by special request.

The Ekato Fluid product line offers standardized mixing solutions that cover most industrial applications as well as Ekato Viscoprop impellers for optimal mixing at the highest efficiency.

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Since 1982, Ekato Fluid has been meeting the needs of industry applications such as:

  • Biotechnology
  • Biofuels
  • Chemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Fibers & Textiles
  • Food Products
  • Lubricants
  • Mineral Oils
  • Minerals Processing
  • Oleo Chemicals
  • Paints & Printing Inks
  • Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics
  • Raw Materials
  • Plastics
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Vegetable Oils

Ekato mixer & agitator types are summarized below.

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Ekato Mixers & Agitators Selection

FD and KD Series Mixers

The FD Series and KD Series mixers are compact Ekato agitators designed for either open vessels or low-pressure vessels. Both series are extremely reliable, even when mixing media with high solids content, due to robust design and smooth operation. Low overall height and modular design ensure low cost and easy modification of the agitator. FD series mixers are available through the rapid delivery program.

FD and KD Mixer Features

Standard Design

  • Drive versions with flat- or bevel gearbox
  • Massive or hollow shaft
  • Divisible shaft with flange coupling
  • Mounting flange or plate

Additional Features

  • Strengthened bearing inside gearbox
  • Available with a compact sealing lantern, including rubber coated shafts and impellers for highly abrasive and corrosive products with high solid contents
  • Steady bearing
  • V-ring
  • Shaft seal ring
  • Water seal
  • Safety labyrinth seal or Stuffing box

FD Mixers and KD Mixers Technical Data

Both FD agitators and KD agitators are designed for atmospheric vessels. They are available in a full range of (product wetted) materials, including carbon steel, rust- & acid resistant steels, nickel-base alloy, Duplex- & Super Duplex steels, titanium & titanium alloys, rubber coatings, other coatings.

  • ATEX 2014/34/EU
  • Operating temperature up to 210°F
  • Shaft diameter from 1.5” to 6.3”
  • Impeller diameter from 5”
  • Motor power from 3/4 to 100 HP

EM2000 Series Mixers

The Ekato EM 2000 series is a universal industrial agitator suitable for almost all industries. These versatile agitators are designed for a wide range of volumes, and for either pressurized or unpressurized vessels. The unit can be directly driven by a motor, driven by a motor with a gearbox, or even driven by a motor via IEC-adapter or a gear motor. The shaft can either be sealed by a mechanical seal or other seal types.

EM 2000 Series Mixers Features

Standard Design

  • Lantern with double bearing and elastic coupling
  • Mounting flange/-plate
  • Split shaft (in-tank flange coupling)

Additional Features

  • Steady bearing
  • Short heat trap
  • Collector tray
  • Shaft speed measurement
  • Flush

Possible Seals

  • Single-acting dry-running mechanical seal
  • Double-acting fluid lubricated mechanical seal
  • Stuffing box
  • Cup collar
  • Shaft seal ring
  • Lute seal
  • Seal supply systems
  • Individual sealing liquids
  • Sealing liquids and elastomers with FDA

EM 2000 Series Mixers Technical Data

  • ATEX 2014/34/EU
  • Operating temperature up to 600°F
  • Operating pressure up to 160 PSIG
  • Shaft diameter from 1.5” to 5”
  • Impeller diameter from 5”
  • Motor power from 3/4 to 100 HP
  • Material of construction AISI 316 Ti
  • Materials (product wetted) Carbon steel, rust- & acid resistant steels, nickel-base alloy, Duplex- & Super Duplex steels, titanium & titanium alloys, rubber coatings, coatings

Ekato Viscoprop Impellers

Ekato Viscoprop impellers are advanced hydrofoil impellers for high efficiency mixing. This impeller can be configured for low- to high-viscosity applications that require suspension, blending, heat transfer, or dispersion.

The angle of inclination can be customized for the application. A standard 25-degree angle is well suited for axial pumping, and a standard 53-degree angle meets requirements for axial and radial pumping.

With its advanced hydrofoil technology, the versatile Ekato VISCOPROP impeller can be tailored for a variety of tasks, offering:

  • Efficient mixing for low and medium viscous media
  • Excellent flow velocities on the vessel bottom for suspension of solids
  • High axial flow velocities on the vessel wall for better heat transfer
  • Single- or multi-stage impeller arrangement
  • Two-, three- or four-bladed impeller design
  • Customized angle of inclination

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