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Pump Monitors & Controls

Edelmann & Associates provides a unique line of pump monitors and pump controls for rotating equipment condition monitoring for longer equipment life and reliability.

Pump Monitors and Controls are the best way to maximize pump efficiency and increase mean time between failure.  Predictive Condition monitoring allows for maintenance during planned outages instead of costly failures.   The following chart shows the total cost of ownership over the life of a typical pump.  The proper monitoring and controls help reduce energy consumption, downtime, maintenance and repair costs.


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Featured below are the primary Pump Monitors & Controls manufacturers that Edelmann sells and services.


ITT Goulds Pumps Monitoring & Controls

Goulds Pumps offers the i-Alert2 vibration and temperature monitor designed to supplement your vibration analysis and equipment reliability program by providing predictive failure analysis data as a key part of your equipment reliability program.

The Goulds Pumps PumpSmart® line of intelligent variable frequency drive controllers utilizes upgraded software in VFD technology that provides smart pump control for accurate control of your process variables along with critical pump protection.



PumpSmart® intelligent flow system is ITT’s award winning intelligent flow system that works with any pump, utilizing a smart VFD controller and proprietary control software to provide advanced process control, enhanced reliability through failure prevention, and pump protection for reduced life cycle costs and significantly lower energy costs – up to 65%.

Features and Benefits:

  • Integrated Process Control (PID) offers automatic pump and set point control by integrating the pump controller in the drive making PumpSmart a simple and cost-effective solution for your basic pumping needs.
  • A Drive for the DCS which provides the important data you need to help run your process smoothly and efficiently.
  • Smart Flow feature is able to capture real-time data such as speed, torque and power and use this information to calculate the flow of the pump.
  • Pump Protection feature protects your pump from process upset conditions, such as dry-run, dead-head, shut-off, minimum flow and run-out.
  • PumpSmart® can monitor the suction conditions of your pump to protect against cavitation. Cavitation Control improves overall pump reliability in low NPSH services that routinely cause pump failure.
  • Advanced Pressure Control recognizes an increase in demand and automatically increases the pressure set point to match the system resistance curve, maximizing flow economy


The i-Alert2 is a device for continuous monitoring of vibration and temperature for your rotating equipment.  The i-Alert2 can be mounted on any pump, motor, fan, compressor or blower as a key component of your equipment reliability program.  Vibration and temperature data and trends recorded and collected via an app with a Bluetooth wireless connection.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy mounting to your rotating equipment
  • Ability to scan multiple machines in an area at once with one connection for data collection. Cover more monitoring points in less time, allowing more time for data analysis
  • Bluetooth Smart connection allows monitoring from a distance, keeping your team safe from rotating equipment
  • Data trends and analysis allow for prediction and early detection of bearing failures which result in costly downtime and unplanned expensive repairs vs. planned equipment maintenance.
  • Advanced vibration analysis tools such as FFT’s and vibration and temperature trend reports can be generated from the app.
  • Industrial rated and intrinsically safe for hazardous environments, so it is easy to use from anywhere in your facility.

At Edelmann & Associates, we know Pump Monitors & Controls


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