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Mouvex Pump Eccentric Disc pump features positive displacement pumping along with a unique seal-less design with a double stainless steel bellows that ensures durability, safety, and product containment.  The low-shear design in conjunction with full CIP capability make the Mouvex pump a perfect solution for expensive chemicals and sanitary products.  Edelmann & Associates, Inc represents Mouvex Pumps in Minnesota, western Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  

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Mouvex Pumps primary pump types are summarized below.

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Mouvex Pumps Selection

Eccentric Disc Seal-less Pump

  • Low shear positive displacement
  • Self-priming
  • Dry running up to 5 minutes
  • Constant performance over time
  • Seal-less design for long life and reliability
  • Capacities up to 150 GPM
  • Temperatures to 250° F

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Mouvex Disc Pump


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