SEEPEX, an Ingersoll Rand business, manufactures high performance progressive cavity pumps designed to keep everything flowing. Progressive cavity SEEPEX pumps are ideal whenever low to highly viscous, aggressive or abrasive media needs to be conveyed at low pulsation rates.

The SEEPEX pump portfolio covers a wide range of solutions that can be custom tailored for your application. Each SEEPEX progressive cavity pump is identifiable by a distinctive feature: the intersecting geometries of a helical rotor and a double internal helical stator that form the conveying elements.

Edelmann & Associates is proud to offer SEEPEX pumps & parts in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Edelmann offers high quality SEEPEX pump parts to reduce costly downtime, energy use and maintenance. In addition, Edelmann provides SEEPEX pump repair to ensure the maximum availability of your pumps and processes.

Since 1972, SEEPEX has been meeting the needs of a wide variety of industries. One example is the Food & Beverage industry, which requires hygienic cleanliness in all processes, high operational safety and reliability, easy, residue-free cleaning, and fast maintenance.

In addition to Food & Beverage, SEEPEX pumps are used throughout a range of other industries:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Oil, Gas, & Petrochemicals
  • Ceramics
  • Galvanizing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Construction/Stone/Earth
  • Agriculture
  • Textiles
  • Marine
  • Transportation
  • Aviation
  • Wood Processing

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The main SEEPEX pump types are summarized below.

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SEEPEX Pump Selection

SCT Smart Conveying Technology

SEEPEX’s Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) group of pumps is designed for faster maintenance. The design enables the rotor/stator sealing line to be adjusted to suit the application and to compensate for wear, leading to more than double the lifetime of the rotor and stator. The time to replace the rotor and stator can be reduced by up to 85%, resulting in decreased downtime and reduced life cycle costs.


SCT pumps can be equipped with a split Smart Seal Housing (SSH), which allows the stationary counter ring to be removed through the lantern for complete replacement of the mechanical seal.

SCT is available in two versions:

  • 1-stage for pressures up to 4 bar
  • 2-stage for pressures up to 8 bar


  • Two individual rubber stator halves
  • Smart Rotor with quick release geometry
  • Adjustable rotor and stator sealing line
  • Lower power requirement
  • Higher efficiency
  • No special tools required
  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Double plug and play power train
  • Reduced risk of ragging

N Standard Progressive Cavity Pumps

Product group N pumps can be applied in virtually all industrial sectors – for conveying thin to viscous media, with or without solids – and are available with various rotor/stator geometries, ensuring economical operation.


  • conveying capacity up to 500 M3/H (2,200 USGPM)
  • pressure up to 96 bar (1400 PSI)


  • Rotor/stator geometry options include conventional, 6L, Tricam
  • Minimal pulsation, uniform flow
  • High self-priming capabilities even with a mixture of liquid and air/gas up to a 9 m (29.5 ft.) water column
  • Low shear
  • Large spherical entrance port
  • Reversible rotation and flow
  • Flexible installation options
  • Variable speed

T Open Hopper Pumps

Group T SEEPEX open hopper environmental pumps are designed to convey viscous to semi-solid products with low or no flowability. Group T SEEPEX pumps are equipped with a feed hopper with a screw conveyor for optimal feed. The pitch and diameter of the screw conveyor can be varied, allowing optimal design for different media and applications.


  • conveying capacity up to 500 M3/H (2,200 USGPM)
  • pressure up to 36 bar (525 PSI)


  • Open hopper and auger feed screw design
  • Hopper and auger feed screw are adjustable for each processing task for optimal product handling
  • Easy maintenance due to quick access to the joints and plug-in connection
  • Some models incorporate cutting knives for chopping and crushing
Seepex T series

D Metering Pumps

SEEPEX group D metering pumps handle thin to highly viscous products with highly repeatable accuracy. Pumped fluids can be entrained with or without solids, and may be corrosive. The pumps operate with low pulsation and to the exact drop.


  • conveying capacity 0.06–1,000 L/H (0.016–264 USGPH)
  • pressure up to 24 bar (350 PSI)


  • Simple interchangeability due to modular construction
  • Infinite turn down
  • Minimal pulsation
  • Constant flow independent of pressure
  • Low shear
  • High metering accuracy
  • Valveless flow control
  • No check valves, no gas locking or blocking by solids
  • Drive options and control systems available

CS Food and Hygienic Pumps

Group C SEEPEX food grade pumps of product group CS are used in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care industries where cleanliness, sterilization and hygiene are of the upmost importance. CS pumps meet the highest requirements for gentle conveying, sanitation, cleaning and sterilization. They are designed according to 3-A Sanitary Standards (USA) and comply with EHEDG (BCFH range) and FDA guidelines.


  • conveying capacity 30 L/H–130 M3/H (0.132–572 USGPM)
  • pressure up to 24 bar (350 PSI)


Depending on the CS pump range, features available include:

  • CIP/SIP cleaning
  • Hygienic mechanical seals
  • FDA compliant and 3-A approved components
  • Easy, quick maintenance of the flexible titanium shaft (Flexrod) due to removable rotor and plug-in shaft connection (BCFH and BCF range)
  • EHEDG certified (BCFH range)
  • Easy to service without special tools
  • Gentle pumping
  • Handles thin to highly viscous materials
  • Stable conveying capacity and pressure
  • Variable speed, flow rate directly proportional to pump speed

E Semi-Submersible Pumps

Group E Semi-Submersible pumps are used to empty tanks, drums, caissons, sumps and pits. They are used to convey abrasive or corrosive products with thin to high viscosity. These custom-built, easy maintenance pumps have low operating costs and offer a cost-effective alternative to other pump systems.

They are also available as canned type designs to improve NPSHa.


  • conveying capacity 30 L/H–300 M3/H (0.132–1,320 USGPM)
  • pressure up to 12 bar (175 PSI)


  • Minimal pulsation, uniform flow
  • Low pulsation, constant flow
  • Variable submersible depths
  • Increases the available NPSH value (Net Positive Suction Head)
  • Environmentally friendly – can be installed in a closed system

W Wobble Pump

Group W SEEPEX wobble pumps efficiently transfer liquids of all viscosities, even with a high proportion of solids. They have a rotating unit with only one joint, which is why they “wobble” although conventional progressive cavity pumps do not.


  • conveying capacity up to 10 M3/H (44 USGPM)
  • pressure up to 4 bar (60 PSI)


  • Rotating unit with only one joint
  • Easy to maintain and economical due to the simple pump design
  • Quick and inexpensive replacement of the conveying elements due to a rotating unit with only one joint
  • Space-saving via a short, compact design with directly flange-mounted drive (block type)
  • Robust wobble stator and containment cup design



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