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Edelmann & Associates provides a comprehensive line of pump filters, pump pipeline strainers and other pumping accessories to meet the diverse needs of your demanding applications.

Processing operations benefit greatly by installing inline strainers and filters by removing unwanted contaminants from fluid, thereby protecting your process equipment.  Pipeline strainers & filters help reduce your maintenance costs and reduce your downtime. They protect pipelines, pumps and downstream systems by preventing foreign objects from entering the pump system. Items such as nails, bolts, tools, slag, rodents, birds and rocks, have been found in many repair situations. Even finer particles such as sand or metal shavings can create unnecessary wear on your pumps.

Inline strainers and filters are a smart decision, as they are a low cost relative to your process equipment systems.  They will protect pumps, flow meters, valves, heat exchangers, boilers, filters, spray nozzles, cooling towers, burners and more.

Our line of Rosedale filtrations solutions includes a wide array of designs and sizes such as single, multi-basket, duplex units, basket strainers, and cartridge filters.  In addition, we offer replacement filter bags and baskets from Rosedale as well as replacement filter bags from Universal Filters.

Viking Pump offers a full line of industrial process strainers including the Lid-Ease easy opening basket strainer as well as a duplex design.


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Featured below are the primary Strainers, Filters & Accessories that Edelmann & Associates sells and services.

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Rosedale Products housings come in many sizes and styles, and can serve as bag filters, cartridge filters or basket strainers.  Lids are easily removed without special tools, and the element is easily cleaned or replaced.

Rosedale Products filter bags are also available in a wide selection.   High-capacity filter bags with ratings to 1 micron are available in a wide range of sizes and materials for general use.  Special-purpose bags for high-temperature service, prefilters and oil removal are also available.

Rosesale filter cartridges and perforated strainer baskets feature a variety of options from low-cost, disposable filter media; through high-performance filter cartridges; to cleanable stainless steel elements.


• Quarter-turn, easy opening breech-lock lid simplifies routine cleaning
• Inclined basket design provides low pressure drop for high system efficiency
• Top basket removal eliminates need to drain and minimizes products loss

VK Strainer 1


• High quality, easy to clean simplex strainers
• Low pressure drop
• PDI ports standard (plugged)
• Lid vent standard (plugged)
• Bottom drain

VK Strainer 1


• Clean basket without shutting down system
• Ideal for continuous process applications
• Quick open lids
• Side drain plugs on each basket well


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