Need Replacement Progressive Cavity Pump Parts?

Progressive Cavity Pump Parts for Less

Edelmann provides replacement progressive cavity pumps and pump parts for popular OEM brands like Moyno®, Tarby®, Continental®, Seepex® and Allweiler® through Liberty Process Equipment.

These drop-in aftermarket pumps and parts provide optimized operational performance at a lower cost than OEM replacements.  Pump parts include rotors, stators, drive shafts, bearing kits, lip seals, connecting rod kits, and more.  These are perfect to have on hand for replacements to save you from downtime.

With over 18 years experience offering PC pumps and parts, “Aftermarket parts” now means the aftermarket replacement progressive cavity pump or pump part you are purchasing is just as good as the OEM brand and is often hundreds, if not thousands of dollars less.

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Replacement Progressive Cavity Pump Parts

Edelmann can supply new direct drop in:

    • Replacement pump stators in materials such as buna nitrile, natural rubber, EPDM, Viton® and more
    • Replacement pump rotors in chrome plated tool steel, and chrome plated 316 stainless steel
    • Replacement Pump Seals and Seal kits
    • Replacement Connecting Rods
    • Replacement Drive Assemblies
    • Replacement Motors and Bases

Quick Ship Pump Parts

We offer same-day shipment of our pumps and pump parts in North America.  All Liberty Process pumps and parts come with a full money-back guarantee for your total satisfaction.

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Pump Rebuilds

Edelmann and Associates can even rebuild your existing progressive cavity pumps with Liberty parts for a complete pump refurbishment.  We perform a full inspection and proposal to get your pump to like-new condition fast and minimize any downtime.

Replacement Pumps Conversion Chart

if you don’t see your manufacturer or are concerned about our parts working in your current OEM system, simply give us a call, one of our engineers will be glad to assist you. Like their OEM counterparts, our pumps and parts work in all the same fields such as wastewater and with viscous fluids with solids content.  Liberty has provided the chart below as a reference.  *All part numbers, product lines and/or descriptions are for reference purposes only.

*OEM Manufacturers
Mfr. Series Liberty Process Brand
*Moyno® J Series* Justice Series
L Series* Liberty Series
500 Series* American Series
2000 Series* Millennium Series
*Tarby® Century 3 Series* Liberty Series
Century 4 Series* Justice Series
Century 5 Series* Millennium Series
*Seepex® BN Series* Victory VBN Series
MD Series* Victory VMD Series
*Continental® CP Series* American Series
CL Series* Liberty Series
CG Series* Millennium Series
CM Series* Liberty Series
*Allweiler® AE Series* American Series
SEP Series* Liberty Series
ANP Series* Liberty Series
ADP Series* Liberty Series
*Monoflo® AE Series* American Series
ML Series* Liberty Series
XL Series* Liberty Series
*Roper® 70200 Series* American Series
70400 Series* Liberty Series

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