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We've built a reputation as a quality supplier of mag drive pumps for applications benefiting from from seal-less designs across Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Magnetic-driven pumps are one of the most popular form of seal-less pumps. They are used where a leaks-free process operation must be maintained such as with aggressive or risky liquids, exotic materials, acids, alkalis, corrosives, pollutants and toxics.   They are also useful for liquids that are difficult to seal and for liquids that must remain ultra pure.

Magnetic drive pumps, (magnetically coupled pumps), vary from traditional pumps in that the electric motor is coupled to the pump by magnetic means instead of a direct mechanical shaft. The major advantage is that the pump works via a drive magnet that eliminates any shaft sealing requirement. One of the disadvantages is that magnetic drive pumps cannot be used in some applications and can have limited power.

How do Mag Drive Pumps Operate?

In a magnetic drive pump,  the liquid pumped through the system exits at a different point than where it’s sucked into the pump. Liquid enters the pump, routes through the impeller and into a discharge chamber. The rotation of the impeller causes the liquid to increase in pressure, keeping if flowing so it discharges from the pump.  Mag drive pumps are a form of a centrifugal pump.

A typical magnetic drive pump includes a rotating impeller located in an enclosed housing powered by a rotating magnetic field produced by individual magnets. This rotation maintains energy and motion in a fluid to keep it from going stagnant or solidifying.

In a magnetic drive pump, the impeller and motor have magnets attached to them. Permanent magnets are attached to the pump’s drive assembly. The drive magnet, the magnet responsible for driving the inner rotor, is attached on a second shaft operated by the motor. When the motor turns on, it spins its magnet. The magnetic force from the motor’s magnet causes the magnet on the impeller to spin and rotate the impeller.


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Featured below are the primary mag drive pump manufacturers that Edelmann sells and services.


Goulds 3298 Seal-less Mag Drive Pumps

  • Now with expanded features
  • Available in:
    • Bare pumps in either close coupled or frame mounted configurations.
    • Frame mounted pump packaged with motor and base.
    • Close coupled pump packaged with motor and base.
    • Vertical, Self-Priming or Standard
  • Capacities up to 1500 gpm
  • Heads up to 850′
  • Temps up to 250°F
  • Pressures to 375 psig
  • Meets strictest EPA regulations



Goulds 3296 EZMAG ANSI 

  • Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year
  • Pumping Screw Geometry Ensures Bearings Stay Lubricated
  • Individual bearings are contained in a single cartridge assembly
  • Seamless Containment Shell isolating the pumpage from the atmosphere
  • Reliable flush circuit features patenet pending geometry to ensure the bearings receive proper lubrication.
  • Compliant to ANSI B73.1 dimensional standards
  • Capacities to 700 gpm
  • Heads to 550 ft
  • Temperatures to 535° F (280° C)
  • Pressures to 275 PSIG
  • Applications
    • Syltherm
    • Nitric Acid
    • Caustic
    • Heat Transfer Fluids


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Viking Mag Drive Seal-less Pumps

8124A (cast iron) &  8127A (stainless steel)

The 8124A and 8127A Series are the ideal sealing technology within Viking’s Universal Product Line pumps. It is dimensionally interchangeable with other Universal Product Line pumps, allowing an easy upgrade from packed or mechanical seals to seal-less technology.

The 8124A and 8127A Series’ canister is hermetically sealed, providing the highest level of liquid containment available by eliminating traditional dynamic shaft seals traditionally associated with hazardous, hard-to-seal, or expensive liquids. It also eliminates housekeeping issues and downtime due to seal failure. This product is designed to handle a broad range of applications (such as caustics, isocyanates, adhesives, solvents and mercaptans).

This Series features 9 different sizes. They may be applied to both thin and thick liquids, and operate in either direction. They are also capable of operating under suction lift conditions. The series continues the tradition of most robust line of internal gear pumps built by Viking Pump

  • Magnetic Seal-less design protects product from environment.
  • Capacity: 500 GPM
  • Pressure: up to 200 PSI
  • Temperature: -60 to +450 °F (stainless steel up to 500 °F
  • Viscosity: 28 to 250,000 SSU
  • Positive displacement, internal gear pumping principle
  • Gear and pump geometry has been optimized based on more than 100 years of experience. These pumps are designed to provide exceptional reliability and freedom from down time and maintenance
  • Drop in foot print allows direct replacement of a Viking Universal Product Line pump without re-piping
  • Foot-mounted design
  • Available with 90° ports, which can be rotated in 90° degree increments, or with 180° ports (Check individual sizes).
  • Ports are threaded or flanged.
  • Pumps come with an adjustable internal pressure relief valve on standard design.
  • The pump operates in either direction, allowing one pump to be used for both loading and unloading. There is a slight reduction in capacity at viscosities less than 100 SSU with counter-clockwise rotation.
  • Adjustable end clearance for fluid viscosity or temperature by use of head shims.
  • Static O-rings at key points assures liquid containment.
  • Pumps conforming to ATEX hazard prevention requirements are available
  • Short-term Run-dry Capability. Unlike many mag drive pumps, the 8124A series may be run dry for short periods, such as for clear lines when unloading, or in the case of accidental empty tank situations.


Viking Pump 8124A and 8127A Mag Drive Seal-less Pump




Liquiflo’s H-Series high-pressure Mag-Drive gear pumps

  • H-Series pumps have larger shafts, bearings and seals to handle higher pressures and operate longer. 
  • Max Capacity: Up to 55 gpm
  • Max Speeds: Up to 1750 RPM
  • Max Pressures: Up to 225 psi
  • Max Temperature to 500°F


Liquiflo H12 Mag Drive Pump

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What are the most common Mag Drive Pump applications ?

The  mag-drive pump (magnetically coupled) is the best method for handling toxic, noxious, crystallizing, or most other hazardous liquids since it completely contains the pumpage by isolating the drive shaft inside the pump housing. With no dynamic seal to leak or replace, the maintenance issues associated with seal leakage are eliminated.

Mag Drive Pump Parts

When you need mag drive pump parts and accessories, Edelmann can help you.  We offer many different pump parts,  and if we don’t have it,  we can arrange for a custom made pump part.


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