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Pump Pricing & TCO - Total Cost of Ownership

Pump Pricing & Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Though many plants shop for equipment based on price, industry data shows that purchase costs represent only 10 percent of the total cost of ownership (TCO). Where is the majority...
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Do you Really Need to Replace your Pump?

When do you know it’s really time to replace your pump?  Only after analyzing the root of the problems you are having. Replacing a pump prematurely is costly and may...
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Vertical Pump vs. Horizontal Pump

When should you consider a vertical pump versus a horizontal pump for your application?  Space constraints is one solid reason.  This Goulds Pumps case study presents the challenge and the...
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Goulds 3298 mag drive pump

Goulds 3298 Chemical Process Pumps – 4 NEW flow sizes and 5 year warranty

ITT Goulds 3298 Chemical Process Pumps Do your process applications require a leak-free, EPA standard, corrosion resistant pump?  Edelmannn and Goulds Pumps have the solution.  The 3298 Chemical Process Pump...
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Why Buy Genuine OEM ITT Goulds Pump Parts

Edelmann & Associates can provide the genuine OEM ITT Goulds Pump parts you need, plus the pump repair service you can trust.  These parts : Are manufactured to the strictest...
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How to Select the Best Goulds Pump for your Application

How do you select the best Goulds Pump for your application?  ITT Goulds Pumps offers a wide range of industrial pumps for use in many different industries and applications.  If...
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fractured-cage- tempered-rolling-elements-corrosion

Is Longer Pump Life Possible?

ITT Goulds Pumps Four Critical Factors for Longer Pump Life was written by Ryan Utara, a North American solutions engineering manager, ITT Gould Pumps and PRO Services, an Edelmann & Associates...
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Goulds i-Alert2 Machine Condition Monitor

Monitor your equipment 24/7 Pump Monitors & Controls are an integral part of a realiable pump processing system.  i-ALERT2 Machine Condition Monitor gives you continuous machine health monitoring that will...
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