Pulp and Paper Industry Pumps Selection

Edelmann & Associates has been a valued partner to the Pulp & Paper Industry for almost 60 years.  Typical applications include:

  • Paper stock
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • White and black liquor                      
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Acids and caustics                              
  • Boiler Feed
  • High Pressure Wash Down                
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Starch                                                 
  • Caustic
  • Clay Coatings and Slurries

Why Edelmann & Associates for Pulp and Paper Pump Solutions?

Pumps are the heart of many industrial plant processes, and that’s why our business focuses on just that – Pumps.  Edelmann & Associates has almost 60 years of industrial pumping experience, focused on providing our customers the best solutions for their liquid handling needs – fast!  We’re a team of pump specialists dedicated to giving you quick responses and solutions on the pump challenges you face. 

We are proud to represent leading manufacturers like Viking Rotary Gear Pumps, Wilden Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps and ITT Goulds Centrifugal Process Pumps, to name a few.  And we offer local, off-the shelf availability of these solutions-driven products to help you keep your plant running, for your customers. 

Edelmann offers:

  1. Local Inventory of pumps and parts on the shelf – minimizing down time and lost production.
  2. Speed of response – helping your company operate efficiently as quickly as possible.
  3. Technical staff and assistance – troubleshooting, right answers and solutions, fast.
  4. Specialist pump focus – In depth knowledge and experience solving your pump problems.
Viking Pump K4124B_Head-ISO_160518
Viking Pump K4624B_Head-ISO_160518

Request your Free Pump Site Survey or Training

We are currently offering a free pump site survey or free training for your team that can help you plan future upgrades to your plant to optimize your processing output and decrease your maintenance and downtime.

  • FREE SITE SURVEY • Includes 1 or 2 Edelmann personnel on site for a visual condition inspection of installed process pumps along with a complete list of the installed base, up to 5 hours on site - Valued at $750!!
  • FREE PUMP TRAINING • Includes 1 or 2 Edelmann personnel on site for a 2-hour group training session (up to 10 people) on pumping principles, common causes of pump failures and best practices for pump longevity – Valued at $500!!

Starch Pumps Solutions Focus

Are you getting the desired performance out of your starch process pumps? 

We’re pump specialists offering reliable pumping solutions – fast, with local inventory of Viking Pumps and Parts to keep your corrugated process running.  At Edelmann & Associates, we understand the importance of keeping your operating costs in-line.  We also know how critical using the correct pump is to your corrugating process. 

An incorrect pump selection and installation can result in lost production and delays, mechanical seal leakage, premature pump failure, and excessive downtime – all consequences of not selecting the best partner who will recommend the best solutions for your process pumping needs for your starch, adhesive and wax applications. 

Need quick solutions on how to maximize the life of your starch process pumps? 

We can help, with local pump expertise, and recommendations to extend pump mechanical seal life.  Also, we have local inventory of Viking Pumps and Parts to keep your corrugating process running to eliminate costly downtime. 

Looking to reduce the expense of your plant’s compressed air consumption on air diaphragm pumps? 

Our pump specialists can help you integrate reliable, energy efficient Viking gear pump technology into your corrugating process.  Local expertise and local inventory allow you to implement pumping upgrade solutions fast for maximum ROI.

Are you getting the maximum return on your starch pump investment? 

Our solutions driven team is ready to help minimize your cost of production with complete pumping solutions and off the shelf inventory of pumps and parts to back your production line. 

Are you aware of the power of using the right seals in your pump solution?

We know that leaking mechanical seals in pumps results in a mess, costly replacements, lost product and a potential safety hazard.  Viking Rotary Gear pumps offer the durability of positive displacement gear pump technology for consistent, pulse-free operation.  A reliable choice of sealing technologies includes traditional shaft packing, single mechanical seals for abrasive liquids, and Viking’s own patented O-Pro o-ring seal.

Viking Pump KK1124A-Barrier_Cutaway
Viking Pump O-Pro Guard Seal


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