Goulds i-Alert2 Machine Condition Monitor

Monitor your equipment 24/7

Pump Monitors & Controls are an integral part of a realiable pump processing system.  i-ALERT2 Machine Condition Monitor gives you continuous machine health monitoring that will save you money with decreased downtime and unplanned maintenance. 

• Early Detection of Machine Failuresi-ALERT2
• Vibration, Temperature, Run-time Monitoring
• Data Logging with Trend Analysis
• Advanced Vibration Analysis Tools
• Instant Access to Machine Records
• Wireless Syncing to Mobile Devices
• Industrial Rated for Hazard Environments
• NEW Simple Web Interface (i-ALERT® Ai Platform)


i-ALERT2 Machine Condition Monitor Features

ASSET INTELLIGENCE – Monitor the equipment health of any rotating machine such as pumps, motors, fans, and more.

EASY TO USE – Put machine monitoring in the hands of the everyday user.

STAY SAFE – A Bluetooth® Smart wireless connection allows monitoring from a safe distance.

EARLY DETECTION – Unplanned machine failures can cost 10 times more than planned maintenance.

SAVE TIME – Quickly scan multiple machines at once and cover more equipment with less resources, freeing time for analysis and troubleshooting.

SOLVE PROBLEMS – Advanced vibration diagnostic tools are available to anyone who can use a smart phone or tablet.

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