Viking Pump 4195 – Motor Speed Pumps

BrandViking Pump
Product4195 – Motor Speed Pumps

With its cast iron pump construction and high-speed operation, the Viking 4195 Series internal gear pump is ideally suited for fluids such as refined fuels, lube oils, and rotating equipment lubrication. Its high-speed operation makes it an ideal economical pump for thin to moderate viscosity applications.

The 4195 series was designed as the most compact gear pump series available to fit tight space constraints. To further reduce the unit footprint, vertical mounting options are available.


Pump Application Liquids

  • Refined Fuels
  • Lube Oil (Machinery Lubrication)
  • Glycol (Ethylene Glycol, Ethylene Alcohol)

Motor Speed Pump Advantage

Designed with new techniques of feeding the rotor and idler, 4195 series pumps achieve high flow rates while operating at motor speeds. Even the largest model (QS) operates at faster speeds than other pumps with similar displacement.

High speeds equate to greater value, with the ability to move more fluid with a smaller pump. The design also enables close-coupling to a motor or gear motor, eliminating shaft misalignment and wear, resulting in longer seal and bearing life.

Viking Pump Series 4195 Specifications

Capacity to 580 GPM
to 132 m³/h
Viscosity 28 to 15,000 SSU
1 to 3,300 cSt
Pressure to 250 PSI
to 17 Bar
Temperature -40 to +300 °F
-40 to +150 °C
Porting Opposite (180°)
High Pressure Flanges
Flanged (ASME / ANSI or DIN Compatible)
Drives D Direct-Mounted Drive
R Offset Gear Reducer Drive
P Purchased Gear Reducer Drive
M Motor Mounted Drive
Mounting Foot Mount
Motor Mount
Vertical Mount
Sealing Behind the Rotor Seal
Balanced Seal

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