Eliminate Leaky Pumps with Viking Pump O-Pro Seals

Want to Eliminate Leaky Pumps?

Viking Pump O-Pro™ Seals are a great solution for plants with concerns about product leaking, causing loss of product, safety concerns, or clean up costs. Originally developed for use in the chocolate industry, the O-Pro™ seals have proven their competency in a range of products – inks, paints, molasses, edible oils, corn syrup, honey, lube oil, grease, asphalt, wax, resins, starch, fats, isocyanates, adhesives and many more.

O-Pro Seals are a unique patent-pending product that utilize a series of O-rings to create a robust seal and lubrication chamber, all in one.

    • O-Pro Barrier seal functions as both a seal and bracket bushing
    • O-Pro Guard seal is a simple retrofit option

How the O-Pro Barrier Seal Works

Viking Pump O-Pro Barrier SealO-Pro Barrier seal replaces packing or mechanical seal by occupying the internal bracket cavity with a machined seal gland, utilizing O-rings to seal externally on the bracket and internally on the shaft. A combination of O-rings and lubricating fluid provide a robust seal preventing process fluid from leaking out of the pump. O-Pro Barrier design also contains lubrication between the shaft and bushing reducing wear.

The O-Pro Barrier seal, made of hardened cast iron, combines a bracket bushing and seal gland, with double O-ring seals, to stop process fluids from entering the bracket and eventually leaking from the pump.

How the O-Pro Guard Seal Works

Viking Pump O-Pro Guard SealO-Pro Guard seal replaces packing or mechanical seal by sealing between the bracket, sleeve & shaft surfaces with a series of O-rings. The series of O-rings and lubrication provide a robust seal for many applications. The stainless steel construction utilizes a sleeve that is secured to the shaft to address any shaft wear concerns to ensure superior performance.

The O-Pro Guard seal is a compact design for an easy retrofit answer for a leaking pump. Stainless steel construction provides compatibility in many applications.

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Viking Pump Products with O-Pro Seal as Standard

Viking Pump is announcing the launch of 8 new product series that come with an O-Pro™ Seal as standard construction.  Product features:

    • Rugged design provides superior performance
    • Tight clearances offer high efficiency and excellent priming capabilities
    • Reliable sealing with easy maintenance
    • Standard with FKM elastomers

This launch includes five new cast iron series:

Additionally, there are three new stainless steel series:

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