Viking Pump 34 Series Asphalt

BrandViking Pump
Product34 Series Asphalt

Viking Pump’s 34 Series internal gear pump features a simple, economical design for transfer and delivery of asphalt and bitumen at low to moderate pressures. With robust cast iron construction and jacketing to rapidly deliver heat, 34 Series pumps are ideal for asphalt, bitumen and tar. These cast iron pumps are fully jacketed to rapidly deliver heat directly to the stuffing box, casing and head. For additional application flexibility, the jacketing is suitable for either hot oil or steam.

How to Maintain Asphalt Pumps

Viking Pump LQ34 Cutaway

Pump Application Liquids

  • Asphalt Cement
  • Asphalt Emulsions
  • Filled Asphalt
  • Pitch

Viking Pump’s Simplest Asphalt Pump

Viking 34 Series Pumps melt ambient temperature solids to a liquid state prior to pump startup through the use of integral jacketing for steam or hot oil. The simple design features a hydraulically balanced rotor that eliminates the need for thrust control, but also limits the pressures to 100 PSI and less.

Viking Pump 34 Series Specifications

Capacity to 450 GPM
to 102 m³/h
Viscosity 31 to 25,000 SSU
1 to 5,000 cSt
Pressure to 100 PSI
to 7 Bar
Temperature -60 to +450 °F
-50 to +230 °C
Porting Right Angle (90°)
Drives R Offset Gear Reducer Drive
P Purchased Gear Reducer Drive
V Drive | V-Belt Drive
Mounting Foot Mount
Sealing Packing


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