Why Buy Genuine OEM ITT Goulds Pump Parts

Edelmann & Associates can provide the genuine OEM ITT Goulds Pump parts you need, plus the pump repair service you can trust.  These parts :

  • Are manufactured to the strictest tolerances on computer numerically controlled equipment in Goulds ISO certified facility.
  • Have the latest hydraulic design specifically for your ITT Goulds Pump.


Why Buy Genuine OEM Goulds Pumps Parts?

Most pump parts look the same initially, but when you compare them closely, you will see distinct differences.  You can improve your pump efficiency, increase your capacity and head with real Goulds Pumps parts.  Don’t take the chance on look-a-likes.  Tests show that non-OEM parts have 7.4% less efficiency, 4.6% less capacity, and 7% less total head than Goulds.

Don’t take our word for it.  This case study is the real proof.

A large U.S. southeastern paper manufacturer was experiencing reduced throughput, and it was costing them. Poor performance of two of their fill pumps (no longer manufactured) was occurring. Non-OEM parts were to blame. After reviewing the situation, determining the solution and performing tests, ITT Goulds Pumps resolved the problem. Not only was the problem resolved, being TCO focused, ITT Goulds Pumps implemented an OEM based solution that saved the company $1.2 million.

Download Paper Manufacturer Case Study

Questions to Ask when Buying Pump Parts

  1. Do the parts incorporate the latest design change in pressures or capacity or refinements made to improve pump operating efficiency, long life and safe operation?
  2. Does the supplier offer total service by providing low volume as well as high volume replacement parts?
  3. Does the supplier stock all of your part needs and can they ship within 24 hours?
  4. Does the supplier offer a computerized system of recommended parts for new pump purchases that allows you to reduce inventory and lower costs based on your existing stores and pump population?
  5. Does the supplier offer a choice of metallurgies for different applications?
  6. Is the metallurgy truly the same as OEM parts?
  7. Does the supplier have a stringent quality control program that assures uniform quality of each and every part? Including impeller and rotor balancing up to ISO G.1.0 capability?
  8. Does the supplier have an on-going research and development program which provides continuing improvements in design, materials and construction?
  9. Are the parts made from original engineering drawings or are they imprecise copies?
  10. Does the supplier accept responsibility for the exacting tolerances that maintain the precise fits required to insure a pump’s original high efficiency and long life?
  11. Is the person interested only in selling parts or do they offer application expertise that can help solve pump problems?
  12. Will use of the parts effect the manufacturer’s pump warranty and increase product liability?

Calculate your Pump Parts Cost Savings


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