Chemical Processing Pumps

We offer a full range of pumping technologies for chemical processing applications to fulfill the needs of customers throughout Minnesota, western Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Edelmann & Associates has been a valued partner to the Chemical Industry since 1963.

Our wide range of pump materials of construction in conjunction with advanced sealing technologies offers customers the optimal choice for compatible and reliable processing of chemicals in some of the harshest plant environments. In addition, magnetically coupled pumps in rotary gear and centrifugal pumping technologies are successfully installed in local chemical plants on products ranging from thin solvents to viscous resins.

Typical Applications:

  • Chemical metering
  • Adhesives
  • Resins
  • Polymers
  • Solvents
pumps for chemical production

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Why Edelmann & Associates for Chemical Process Pump Solutions?

Chemical Process Pump applications are often challenging due to potential volatility and hazardous considerations.  Edelmann & Associates has almost 65 years of chemical pumping experience, focused on providing our customers the best solutions for their chemical fluid handling needs – fast!  We’re a team of chemical pump specialists dedicated to giving you quick responses and solutions on the pump challenges you face. 

We are proud to represent leading manufacturers like ITT Goulds, Liberty Process, Liquiflo, Neptune, Viking Pump  and Wilden to name a few.  And we offer local, off-the shelf availability of these solutions-driven products to help you keep your plant running, for your customers. 

Edelmann offers:

  1. Local Inventory of pumps and parts on the shelf – minimizing down time and lost production.
  2. Speed of response – helping your company operate efficiently as quickly as possible.
  3. Technical staff and assistance – troubleshooting, right answers and solutions, fast.
  4. Specialist pump focus – In depth knowledge and experience solving your pump problems.

Featured below are the primary Chemical Processing Pump manufacturers that Edelmann sells and services.


Goulds Pumps entire line of pumps serve the chemical industry’s pumping requirements.  As the only manufacturer to make digital monitoring standard on every process pump, ITT Goulds Pumps continues to lead the industry in both mechanical pump design and the adoption of smart technologies.

  • Goulds Pumps chemical process pumps includes both ANSI and ISO models. 
  • Goulds Pumps specializes in high alloys for chemical pumps ranging from 316SS to Zirconium and other special alloys as requested. 
  • Goulds Pumps also offers a wide range of plastic materials. Unique non-metallic pumps offer distinct advantages when handling severe corrosives. 
  • Magnetic drive pumps are designed for services where leakage cannot be tolerated. Our complete understanding of chemical processing and related industries gives us a clear advantage in finding solutions to these particular pumping problems.
  • Endless configurations are available in Vertical Sump, ANSI Process, Seal-less, Sealed, Lined, Non-metallic, ISO, API610, Paper Stock, Abrasives, Solids, Slurry, Multistage, Axial Flow, Double Suction, and Mixed Flow.  Consult our Selection Guide for a complete list.

Liberty Process Logo

Liberty progressive cavity pumps are used in the chemical and chemical transfer industry due to the pumps ease of maintenance, affordability and scalability to job applications.

  • Liberty progressive cavity pumps offer a variety of rubber compounds to meet your chemical compatibility requirements for everything from Chemical Processing applications to other chemical compounds such as Adhesives and Sealants.
  • Chemical pumping of paints, especially latex and liquid coatings are a specialty of progressive cavity pumps. Liquid detergents pump easily with the non-pulsating and mixing capability that Liberty pump offers. Gentle pumping of your chemical mixes is the number one job of a Liberty Process Progressive Cavity Pump.
  • Liberty offers a wide variety of progressive cavity pumps to meet your chemical processing needs. We offer metering pumps with flows from a fraction of a gallon in our ADPL series and ANPL series.  
  • Liberty’s Millennium series of heavy duty industrial pumps handles flows up to 1400 GPM, with pump materials in cast iron and stainless steel and in special cases, Hastelloy.
  • We offer a variety of rubber compounds for pump stators including Buna and Viton and others as well as any shaft seal design your plant requires.








Liquiflo focuses mainly on chemical applications including acids, caustics, corrosive salts, solvents, polymers and other types of chemicals, as well as hot or cold, viscous, extremely thin and hazardous liquids.  One of Liquiflo’s strengths is the application of gear pumps to low-viscosity fluids by using a wide variety of non- metallic, self-lubricating components. In addition, Liquiflo was one of the first companies to apply magnetic-drive technology to gear pumps.

  • Liquiflo’s engineered pumps meet customer needs for metering, circulation and transfer of process fluids, and provide high reliability for handling difficult services, including high-temperature, high-pressure and low-flow chemical applications. This means increased uptime, high operational effectiveness and less frequent service requirements.
  • Liquiflo offers a wide selection of standard high-alloy gear and centrifugal pumps to handle a variety of chemical applications. In addition, Liquiflo can custom engineer pumps to meet your specific requirements.
  • Most Liquiflo pumps models have the choice of any sealing, mounting and port configurations: Sealed vs. Mag-drive; long-coupled vs. close-coupled; threaded vs. flanged ports.
  • Liquiflo offers a large selection of ancillary options and accessories. These include repair kits, pump cartridges, ANSI & DIN flanges, sanitary fittings, temperature-control jackets, relief valves, electric or air motors, variable speed drives, gearboxes, base plate mounting, and more.
  • Liquiflo offers the following special options: custom assemblies, certified or custom drawings, Certificate of Conformance, Foundry Certified Material Test Reports, witnessed performance and hydrostatic testing, and custom tagging.
  • Edelmann and Liquiflo’s experienced application engineers, customer service representatives and worldwide network of distributors are always available to assist you with your special chemical pumping applications.








Neptune is a premier manufacturer of chemical-metering pumps, chemical-feed systems and chemical-injection accessories.  Since chemical processes and injections are critical to both production and the environment, Neptune metering pumps are designed to handle the characteristics of chemicals while providing benefits that offer easy maintenance and reliability. 

  • Neptune pumping equipment can handle the challenges of each process, including a variety of viscosities, abrasives, pressures, gases and other harsh characteristics of chemicals.
  • Neptune Metering pumps are easy to maintain and reliable  – saving on downtime costs, but also keeping employees and the environment safe.
  • Neptune pumps offer unique capabilities such as the Variable Oil By-pass™ stroke adjustment for better valve performance.
  • Neptune’s EZE-CLEAN™ valves with removable cartridges can be cleaned without disturbing the pump’s piping.
  • Neptune has the variety of metering pump capabilities to meet specific chemical processing requirements.
    • Alumina based catalyst solutions
    • Aromatics (Benzene, Toluene, Paraxylene, Orthoxylene)
    • Deionized water
    • Ethylene Glycols for manufacturing plastics, textiles, latex paints, adhesives, etc.
    • Ethanolamines / MEA, used to product herbicides and various surfactants
    • Methanol, used during the production of MTBE
    • Propylene Oxide
    • Sodium Tetraborate solutions
    • Tetrahydrofuran (THF)
    • Vinyl Methyl Ether
    • Vinyl Monomers
  • The most common applications are
    • Cooling Tower Water Treatment
    • Internal Boiler Water Treatment
    • External Boiler Feedwater Treatment
    • Demineralizer Regeneration
    • Process Additives
    • Process Liquids
    • Fuel Additives
    • System Flushing

Viking Pump has experience with thousands of liquids, delivering proven solutions for your chemical process application like acids, bases, alcohols, solvents, soaps and detergents.

  • Viking Pump offers one of the broadest selections of pumping principles, designs, materials and options available. Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel with multiple sealing options, jacketing options, porting, and mounting, as well as Mag Drive options  for seal-less liquid containment.
  • Viking Pump has specific pumps designed for liquids with unique requirements.
  • Viking can custom design a pump for your specific liquid, processing requirements and environments.
  • Viking pumps are time and field tested to meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Viking offers Factory testing to ensure your pump meets your performance requirements. Using state-of-the-art dynamometers and data gathering software, tests can be performed on a variety of liquids to best duplicate your unique conditions of service.
    • Pneumatic Testing
    • NPSHr Testing
    • Sound & Vibration
    • Visual Inspection & Measurements
    • Material Testing
    • Liquid Sample Analysis
    • Positive Material
    • Identification
    • Traceability
    • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Viking Pump benefits include:
    • Efficient operation at any point on the curve
    • Long Seal & Bearing Life
    • Low Shear
    • Low NPSHr
    • Flow proportional to speed
    • Viscosity handling from 28 to 2,000,000 SSU
  • Chemical Trucks can also benefit from a stainless steel transfer Viking pump
  • Viking Pump’s O-pro seals can guarantee leak-free chemical pumping.




Wilden Pump knows that chemical-based compounds such as caustics, acids, solvents and polymers that are often pivotal to the production process can also be extremely dangerous and harmful to site personnel, the environment and the productivity of the operation if not handled properly and correctly contained. Wilden AODD pumps can rise to the challenges inherent in the manufacture, transfer, transport and containment of chemical configurations.

  • Wilden AODD pumps not only outperform competitive technologies in terms of reliability and cost-effectiveness, but do so in a manner that prevents leaks and cross-contamination, making them a perfect choice.
  • Wilden AODD Pump Features and Benefits
    • Versatile
    • Easy to maintain
    • Leak-free design
    • Seal-less
    • Run-dry capable
    • Great suction lift
    • Portability
    • Energy savings
  • Chemical Process Applications
    • Acid transfer
    • Polymer transfer
    • Chemical dosing
    • Low-solvent coating
    • Solvent transfer

Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT Series – Bolted Metal and Plastic Pumps are the ideal solution for your chemical process needs.

  • Up to 60% energy savings
  • Up to 34% greater flow rates
  • Fewer operating parts, meaning less downtime and simplified maintenance
  • Longer diaphragm life
  • Quiet operation
  • Bolted design for superior containment

The Wilden® Velocity Series compact air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump was designed with a smaller footprint for Chemical Dosing, Paints and Inks, Surface Treatment, Clean-in-Place (CIP) Systems, Commercial Laundry, and Additive Injection.

Wilden Chem-Fuse Integral Piston Diaphragms are the ideal solution for general industrial and chemical applications. This diaphragm holds up against acids, caustics and other aggressive fluids.

  • Eliminates potential leak points at the outer piston when pumping critical or dangerous fluids
  • Eliminates outer piston abrasion for longer diaphragm life, especially when pumping abrasive fluids
  • Easy cleanability for faster changeovers between products
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PPC Mechanical Seals are often critical to ensuring pumped chemicals stay in the processing pipeline while still lubricating the pumps appropriately.  The most commonly used seals in the PPC line are:

  • 1500 Universal Heavy Duty Cartridge Seal – An Amazingly Versatile All-Purpose Seal – Single cartridge
  • 1500E General Purpose Cartridge Seal – Top Quality for an Incredibly Low Cost – Single cartridge
  • 1500EHD Heavy Duty Cartridge Seal – The Heavy Duty Seal in the 1500 Series – Single cartridge
  • 1500ERB Cartridge Bellows Seal  – A Cartridge Bellows Seal in the 1500 Series – Single cartridge – Metal bellows
  • 7000G Non-Contacting Gas Lift-Off Seal – Environmentally & Technically Superior in a Compact Design – Dual cartridge
  • UltraSeal 2000 – Environmentally Safe Double/Tandem  – Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal – Dual cartridge – Metal bellows
  • P3F Dual Cartridge Seal – A Heavy Duty Dual Cartridge Seal – Dual cartridge

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