Food Processing Pump & Industrial Pump Manufacturers

At Edelmann, we only work with the best. Each food processing pump & industrial pump manufacturer as well as pump accessories supplier is selected for their high standards. This means our customers can run their plants at high standards as well.

ITT Goulds Pumps

Industrial Centrifugal Pumps, Drives and Condition Monitoring

  • ANSI B73.1 Chemical Process
  • API 610
  • Horizontal Split Case / Double Suction
  • Multi-stage
  • Mag Drive Seal-less
  • Vertical Turbine
  • PumpSmart Variable Frequency Drives
  • i-Alert Condition Monitoring

Goulds Water Technology

Commercial / Light Industrial Centrifugal Pumps

  • Close-coupled and foot mounted
  • Single-stage end suction
  • Multi-stage
  • Vertical Turbine
  • Booster pumps and systems


Liberty Process Logo

Liberty Process

Progressive Cavity Pumps, Service & Parts

  • Ideal for liquids with solids content (up to 50%), even heavy abrasives
  • Pulsation-free, self-priming operation
  • Non-shearing
  • Interchangeable with *Moyno®, *Tarby®, *Continental®, *Roper®, and *Monoflo®


High-Alloy Gear and Centrifugal Pumps

  • External gear pumps
  • 316SS, Alloy-C, Alloy 20 and Titanium materials
  • Mag Drive Seal-less and mechanically sealed
  • Close-coupled or Long-coupled
  • Parts Kits available




Positive Displacement Eccentric Disc Pumps

  • Low shear handling of product
  • Sanitary and Industrial design
  • CIP capable


Metering Pumps and Accessories

  • Hydraulic diaphragm
  • Solenoid operated
  • Mixers
  • Chemical Feeders
  • Injection Quills


Mechanical Seals for Pumps and Mixers

  • Single Cartridge
  • Double Cartridge
  • Split Seals
  • Chemical Process and API options


High Performance Progressive Cavity Pumps

  • Designed to keep everything flowing.
  • Ideal when low to highly viscous, aggressive or abrasive media needs to be conveyed at low pulsation rates.
Rosedale Products Logo


Filters, Strainers, Bags & Baskets

Single, multi-basket, duplex units

Basket strainers

Cartridge filters, replacement filter bags and baskets


Trillium Flow logo

Trillium Flow Technologies

Wemco Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

  • 2”-10” design interchangeable with other brands
  • Direct drive or drive belt configurations

Rotojet High Pressure Pitot Tube Pumps

  • Stationary Pitot Tube
  • For high pressure applications
  • API 610 option




Centrifugal Pumps and Mixing Systems

  • Chopper & Screw
  • End-suction, self-priming, vertical configurations
  • Non-clogging design
  • Flush-less Mechanical Seal design
  • Direct drive or drive belt configurations

Viking Pump

Positive Displacement Pumps & Strainers

  • Rotary Internal Gear
  • External Gear
  • Lobe
  • Mag Drive Seal-less
  • Direct drive and reducer unit
  • Lid-Ease basket strainers
  • Parts Kits available


Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

  • Drum Unloading Systems
  • 3A & EHEDG Compliant
  • CIP capable
  • Handles up to 6″ soft solids

Viking Pump Hygienic – Wrightflow Technologies

  • Rotary Lobe Pumps
  • Circumferential Piston Pumps
  • CIP
  • EHEDG, 3A




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