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Viking Pump has been manufacturing heavy duty industrial pumps since 1911. These products are engineered for a wide range of applications and are in service in industries such as chemical and food processing, oil and gas, asphalt, bio fuels, and many more. Viking Pump not only designs and manufactures positive displacement pumps, they also operate their own domestic iron and alloy foundries. This allows for complete quality control.

Edelmann & Associates is proud to carry the products of this globally recognized manufacturer. We service customers throughout Minnesota, western Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota with Viking Pumps lines of internal and external gear pumps, vane pumps, and rotary lobe pumps. 

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This library offers extensive information, technical specifications, pump curves, videos and brochures on all of Viking Pump products.
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Viking Pumps Selection

Internal Gear Pumps

The internal gear pump is the “workhorse” of countless manufacturing processes. The Internal Gear Pump was invented by Viking Pump’s founder, Jens Nielsen, in 1904. It is used in manufacturing many of the products that we all touch every day.

  • Broadest selection of materials, designs, seals, ports and displacements
  • Adjustable clearances enable handling viscosities from 28 to 2,000,000 SSU (1 to 440,000 cSt)
  • Low shear
  • Reliable & Easy to Maintain – Only two moving parts
  • Adjustable End Clearances – For low or high viscosities, high temperatures, or to compensate for wear over time
  • Shaft Seal Options – Including packing, lip seal, component seal, cartridge seal and sealless mag drive
  • Porting Options – Viking’s broadest selection of port locations, configurations and types
  • Smooth, Non-Pulsing Flow – For accurate flow measurement
  • One Shaft Seal – More reliable and lower cost than two or four seals used on timed lobe and screw pumps
  • Compact, Close-Coupled Options – For motor speed operation or with gearmotors
  • Max. Capacity: to 1600 gpm
  • Viscosity: 28 to 2,000,000 SSU
  • Max Temp: 120°F to +800°F (-85°C to +430°C)
  • Max Pressure: to 250 PSI (17 BAR)
Common internal gear pump applications include, but are not limited to:
  • All varieties of refined fuels & lubricants
  • Resins & polymers
  • Alcohols & solvents
  • Asphalt, bitumen & pitch
  • Polyurethane foam (isocyanates, polyols & additives)
  • Food products such as corn syrup, chocolate & peanut butter
  • Paint, inks & pigments
  • Soaps & surfactants
  • Heat transfer fluids

Universal Product Line

Cast Iron

  • Rugged and reliable, yet economical
  • Widest range of sizes and options available to suit almost any non-corrosive application
  • Tightest clearances for high efficiency and excellent priming capability
Steel Externals
  • For refinery and petrochemical applications
  • Recommended for extremely high temperatures
  • Widest range of sealing options available
Stainless Steel
  • For corrosion resistance over a wider pH range
  • Non-galling gear materials available for handling thin liquid applications
  • All stainless steel construction or economical 724 & 4724 series

Motor Speed Pumps

Cast Iron

  • The most compact gear pump series available to fit tight space constraints
  • High speed operation for the most economical pump option for thin to moderate viscosity applications
  • Vertical mounting options to further reduce the unit footprint
Steel Externals
  • Close coupled to fit tight space constraints with vertical mount options for reduced unit footprint
  • High speed operation for economical steel pump offering
  • High working pressures for compressor lubrication and pipeline sampling applications
  • Class 300 flanges standard on all sizes and models
Stainless Steel
  • For corrosion resistance over a wider pH range
  • Non-galling gear materials standard for handling thin liquid applications
  • Compact gear pump series to fit tight space constraints

External Gear Pumps

The external gear pump is the ultimate solution for high pressure pumping. 

  • Bearing support on both sides of the gears enables differential pressures to 500 PSI (34 BAR), or Intermittent to 2,500 PSI (170 BAR)
  • Motor speed operation eliminates cost of speed reducer
  • Eliminates lubrication – no external axial or radial bearing required in most applications
Common external gear pump applications include, but are not limited to:
  • Various fuel oils & lube oils
  • Chemical additive & polymer metering
  • Chemical mixing & blending (double pump)
  • Industrial & mobile hydraulic applications
  • Low volume transfer or application
  • Max. Capacity: to 190 gpm
  • Max. Viscosity: 28 to 1,000,000 SSU
  • Max Temp: -40°F to +450°F (-40°C to +230°C)
  • Max Pressure: to 500 PSI (34 BAR) Intermittent to 2,500 PSI (170 BAR)
Higher Pressure Capabilities – With shaft support on both sides of the gears
Multi-Section Pumps – Use one motor for multiple pumping applications, blending liquids, or splitting flows to different uses
Shaft Seal Options – Including lip seal, component, mechanical seal and sealless mag drive options
Compact, Close-Coupled Options – For motor speed operation or with gearmotors
Smooth, Non-Pulsing Flow – For accurate flow measurement
Reliable & Easy to Maintain – With only two moving parts
One Shaft Seal – More reliable and lower cost than two used on timed lobe and screw pumps

Spur Gear Pumps

Cast or Ductile Iron Configurations

  • Needle bearings provide high pressure capabilities, sleeve bearing options available
  • Close-coupled motor mount or foot bracket options to match space or motor requirements
  • Double pump configurations offer two flow rates operating from a single power source, reducing equipment costs
  • Spur gears offers higher pressures and unique abilities to supply multi-section specialty pumps with one driver.

Liquid Specific Pumps

Through 100+ years of pumping experience, Viking Pump engineers have developed uniquely designed products with a specific application in mind. These products focus on solving targeted challenges that exist within that liquid application. From speed to viscosity, sealing or shear, these products provide additional security that the product is right for the applications they are built for.
  • Abrasive Liquid Pumps
  • Asphalt Pumps
  • Thin Liquid Vane Pumps
  • Refrigeration Ammonia Pumps
  • Fuel Oil Pumps
  • Sensitive Solids Idler

Viking Pump Parts & Accessories

Viking Pump parts kits provide customers with the ability to do a complete repair at once vs. each time a part wears. Everything needed is included in the kit, ready before you open the pump. Both seal kits and repair kits are available. Reduce your downtime by contacting your local stocking distributor to have a kit on your shelf ready to go when it is needed.
  • Only Viking Genuine Parts are specifically designed to meet performance requirements for Viking pumps
  • Viking Genuine Parts are tested to ensure optimum reliability
  • Viking backs all Genuine Parts with its own warranty and stocking distributor network

In addition to Viking Pump Part Kits,  we also offer:

  • Reducers
  • Strainers
  • Motors

At Edelmann & Associates, we know Viking Pump


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