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Edelmann & Associates offers genuine OEM Viking Pump Parts to keep your pumps operating at peak performance. By using only Viking Pump parts, you can ensure that the factory warranty on your equipment is maintained, and that your pump is operating with parts designed to original specifications by the manufacturer.

Order your individual Viking Pump parts or repair kits directly from your Viking distributor, Edelmann, to make certain you are getting genuine OEM parts. By accepting only OEM Viking Pump parts, you can protect your Viking pumps with longer life spans, decreased wear, and minimal need for replacement.

Genuine Viking Pump Parts

Edelmann & Associates offers Viking Pump parts for internal and external gear pumps, vane pumps, and rotary lobe pumps. Viking pump parts are:

  • made with highly calibrated machines for optimum reliability
  • specific to the conditions of your application
  • designed to meet the performance requirements of Viking Pumps
  • backed by factory warranty

Viking Pump Repair Kits

Viking-Pump-Parts-Repair-KitsViking Pump Repair kits make it easy to save downtime by performing a complete repair all at once with all parts needed for the service. Whether you need a Viking Pump seal kit or a complete Viking Pump rebuild kit, contact Edelmann for the right repair kit to keep on hand.

Easily Order Viking Pump Parts

When you need Viking Pump parts, contact Edelmann directly for quick and knowledgeable assistance. We know your Viking pumps and can help troubleshoot, repair, or maintain your equipment with the right parts.

Viking Pump Reducers

Edelmann can help you select the right Viking Reducer for your application, whether you require an offset reducer, in-line reducer, or gear motor reducer.


Offset reducers feature:

  • Fully interchangeable ratios in each gearbox
  • Multiple mounting brackets enable output shaft to match Viking shaft height

In line reducers feature:

  • Available in multiple sizes and a variety of ratios to 350 HP / 250 kW
  • Universal mounting – solid input shaft or motor mount option (IEC or NEMA)

Gear motor reducers feature:

  • Integrated motor and reducer
  • Compact footprint

Viking Pump Strainers


Edelmann offers Viking Pump strainers including the Lid-Ease easy opening basket strainer as well as duplex strainers and other designs.

Lid-Ease® Strainers offer:

  • Quarter-turn, easy opening breech-lock lid simplifies routine cleaning
  • Inclined basket design provides low pressure drop for high system efficiency
  • Top basket removal eliminates the need to drain the strainer and minimizes products loss

Bolted-Lid Strainers offer:

  • High quality, easy to clean simplex design
  • Low pressure drop
  • PDI ports standard (plugged)
  • Lid vent standard (plugged)
  • Bottom drain

Pump Drive Motors

Edelmann can provide drive motors for your Viking pump that are energy efficient and compliant with EISA and EC640/2009 standards. Consult with Edelmann for the right Viking Pump motor based on impeller size, maximum capacity, specific gravity of the fluid, and service application.

Viking Pump Remanufacturing

For circumferential piston products, consider remanufacturing a worn pump to return it to like-new condition and performance. All remanufactured pumps are factory tested and carry a full 1-year factory warranty. Pumps can be remanufactured up to four times, depending on model & wear.





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