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salad on production line

Fruit & Salad Green Waste Disposal Solution Case Study

Fruit & Salad Pieces are often a challenge in food processing facilities.   SEEPEX has been helping Natures Way Foods with it’s food waste disposal since 2014,  helping them become one...
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Viking Pump Parts | Pump Repair Kits

Edelmann & Associates offers genuine OEM Viking Pump Parts to keep your pumps operating at peak performance. By using only Viking Pump parts, you can ensure that the factory warranty...
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Wilden AODD Pump Comparisons to Aro-Yamada-Graco-Versamatic-Sandpiper-Murzan

Easily compare Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT AODD pumps with Aro, Yamada, Graco, Versamatic, Sandpiper and Murzan  to help you find the best pump suited for your application. Wilden® Pro-Flo® SHIFT Metal...
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Trade In Old Pump – Trade Up to Wilden Efficiency, Max Flow & Cost Savings

TRADE-IN any AODD pump & save 25%* when you TRADE-UP to Wilden Pro-Flo Shift Do you have an older non-Wilden AODD pump ? Don’t repair it or replace with the...
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Pump Pricing & TCO - Total Cost of Ownership

Pump Pricing & Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Though many plants shop for equipment based on price, industry data shows that purchase costs represent only 10 percent of the total cost of ownership (TCO). Where is the majority...
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Do you Really Need to Replace your Pump?

When do you know it’s really time to replace your pump?  Only after analyzing the root of the problems you are having. Replacing a pump prematurely is costly and may...
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Vertical Pump vs. Horizontal Pump

When should you consider a vertical pump versus a horizontal pump for your application?  Space constraints is one solid reason.  This Goulds Pumps case study presents the challenge and the...
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Wilden case study solvent manufacturing

Solvent Manufacturer Discovers Best AODD Pump to Optimize Production Rates and Air Consumption

Wilden has provided this case study and pump comparison test of one of their customers, IndoChem, a major solvent manufacturer in Jakharta, Indonesia. The Challenge?  IndoChem needed to optimize the...
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Tank Manufacturer Improves Waste Processing Yield 40% and Cuts Operating Costs 60% with new AODD Pumps

How did a tank manufacturer improve filter press reliability and efficiency with Wilden Pro-Flo Shift AODD Pumps, improving waste processing yield 40% and cutting operating costs 60% ? AMTROL’s West...
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What is the Best AODD Pump Diaphragm?

What is the best AODD Pump diaphragm on the market?  The integral-piston design has created a new class of diaphragms that can satisfy traditional flow-rate, suction-lift and efficiency demands while...
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