Viking Pump 1324A – Large Heavy Duty U-Seal

BrandViking Pump
Product1324A – Large Heavy Duty U-Seal

The Viking 1324A Series™ internal gear pump with O-Pro® Seal technology features a rugged design for superior performance in many applications, with tight clearances for high efficiency and excellent priming capabilities. The O-Pro barrier seal acts as a robust all-in-one seal and lubrication chamber. Integral jacket chambers in the bracket and head maintain even temperature for constant, efficient heating.

1324A series pumps are ideal for liquid sugars, refined fuels, edible oils, and more due to reliable sealing and easy maintenance. Pumps in this series handle flows from 500 to 1500 GPM (125 to 340 m³/h).


Pump Application Liquids

  • Adhesives
  • Starch
  • Resins
  • Chocolate
  • Refined Fuels
  • Edible Oils

Jacketed Design

Jacketed pumps are designed with a cavity, or jacket, on the external wall of the pump. Steam or heat transfer liquid can be passed through the pump to control the temperature of the fluid in the pump. The heat transfer medium flows in a closed loop back to the boiler or heater. Applications include “melting” ambient temperature solids like asphalt that solidify in the pump when it cools, as well as maintaining precise temperature control in processes like manufacturing polymers and epoxy resins.

Viking Pump Series 1324A Specifications

Capacity 500 to 1600 GPM
114 to 364 m³/h
Viscosity 100 to 75,000 SSU
20 to 17,000 cSt

to 200 PSI

to 14 Bar

Temperature 0 to +350 °F
-15 to +175 °C
Porting Opposite (180°)
Flanged (ASME / ANSI)
Drives P Purchased Gear Reducer Drive
V Drive | V-Belt Drive
Mounting Foot Mount
Sealing O-Pro® Barrier Seal


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