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Centrifugal Pumps

We've built a reputation as a quality supplier of centrifugal pumps across Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Centrifugal Pumps are the most common type of process pump today and the design offers multiple advantages.

  • Design simplicity
  • High efficiency
  • Wide range of capacity and head
  • Smooth/pulse less flow rate
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Many different installation configurations available 

Centrifugal pumps operate by using rotating impellers that are immersed in the fluid inside of a casing. The flow and pressure velocity of kinetic energy forces the fluid around the casing to the discharge outlet.  Liquids are moved at a higher velocity with faster impeller rotation, or larger diameter impellers. 

Centrifugal pumps are usually the preferred choice for applications that are pumping lower viscosity (thin) liquids and for systems that require high flow rates.

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Featured below are the primary centrifugal pump manufacturers that Edelmann sells and services.


Goulds Industrial Centrifugal Pumps

  • Multiple Pump Configurations for demanding industrial process needs
  • Available in various metallurgies including iron, stainless steel, high alloy
  • Conform to applicable standards from ANSI, ISO, and API.
  • Capacities up to 225,000 gpm
  • Heads up to 9,000′
  • Temp ranges of -40°F to 850°F
  • Pressures to 4,000 psig
  • Edelmann is a Goulds Pumps Authorized Service Center for Service and Repair of Goulds Pumps

Goulds ANSI Pump

Goulds 3196 i-FRAME Process Centrifugal Pump


Goulds Water Technology Commercial / Light Industrial Centrifugal Pumps

  • Multiple configurations for booster service, liquid transfer, spray systems, water circulation and light chemical and industrial applications.
  • Close coupled or frame mounted
  • Cast iron, bronze, investment cast 316 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel pump-end
  • ANSI flanged and NPT connections
  • Capacities up to 4500 gpm
  • Heads to 500 feet TDH
  • Working pressure to 250 psig
  • Maximum temperature 250°F


Goulds Water Technology 316L Stainless Steel Enclosed Impeller


Vaughn Centrifugal Chopper Pumps

  • Chops incoming solids prior to pumping, protecting the pump from clogging and protecting downstream components
  • Flush-less mechanical seal design eliminates the need for external flush water
  • All wear components are cast steel and heat treated as standard for maximum wear resistance
  • Alternate materials such as 316SS available
  • Cutting blades at the impeller and mechanical seal are ideal for stringy solids and the toughest slurries
  • Multiple Configurations – Vertical Wet Well, End Suction, Electric Submersible, Self-Priming, Dry Well
  • Capacities to 10,000 gpm
  • Heads up to 275′
  • Up to 12″ Discharge ports

vaughn centrifugal pump

Vaughan Centrifugal Chopper Pump

Weir Wemco Self Priming Pump

Wier Wemco Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

  • Self Priming Solids Handling trash pump suitable for a wide range of waste applications
  • Cast Steel, High Chrome or CD4MCu impeller
  • Ductile Iron Casing
  • Stainless Steel 17-4PH Shaft
  • Flow to 3,200 gpm
  • Head to 129′
  • Solid Size up to 3″
  • Tool-less impeller Adjustment for simple maintenance
  • Shim-less impeller adjustments
  • Solid silicon carbide seal faces for abrasive applications
  • 66 month warranty
  • Pump and Parts interchangeability with other major Trash Pump brands


Weir WEMCO Solids Handling Self Primer

Wier RotoJet Pump

Rotojet High Pressure Pitot Tube Pumps

Similar to a centrifugal pump, however, pitot tube design is capable of very high discharge pressures in a single stage.  Ideal applications include plant wash-down and high pressure hydrocarbon processing in refineries (oil and gas), central cleaning systems, hydro-blast cleaning, boiler feed, and water injection.

  • Hydraulically stable design at any point throughout the total head curve range with no wearing or damaging effect to the pump
  • Smooth, pulsation-free flow
  • Available in ductile iron, carbon steel, 316SS, CA6NM and CD4MCu
  • Max Capacity: Up to 750 gpm
  • Max Heads: Up to 5,200 ft.
  • Max Pressures: Up to 2,250 psi
  • Max Temperature to 550°F

weir roto jet pump

Weir ROTO-JET High Pressure Pitot Tube Pump

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