Vertical Turbine Pumps

Edelmann is a Distributor of Vertical Turbine Pumps from top manufacturers Xylem and ITT Goulds Pumps.

A vertical turbine pump (VTP) is a specialized type of rotodynamic pump designed handle high flow rates while moving fluid from deep wells or reservoirs to the surface. Its impellers are submerged in the fluid it’s pumping, and the motor is located above the surface.

Vertical turbine pumps handle a wide range of flow rates and high heads, making them suitable for applications such as:

  • cooling water
  • cooling towers
  • low NPSHA applications
  • high-pressure multi-stage
  • industrial submerged (wet pit), where motor is above water

Due to their vertical design, vertical turbine pumps offer several advantages. With their small footprint, they can be a good solution where tight spaces or size requirements limit pump size. They offer efficiency and are self-priming. Because the length of the pump can be extended below ground and pumping stages added as needed, these pumps can handle various head conditions.

For more information on when to consider a vertical turbine pump, see Vertical Pump vs Horizontal Pump.

Featured below are the primary Vertical Turbine Pumps manufacturers that Edelmann & Associates sells and services.


ITT Goulds Pumps

  • Highly engineered
  • Meet the stringent compliance/testing requirements of the oil/gas market
  • Capacities to 70000 GPM
  • Heads to 3500 feet
  • Temperatures to 500° F
  • Wide range of materials and design features to meet custom requirements
  • Pressures to 2,500 psi
  • Bowl sizes from 6″ to 55″
  • Fabricated discharge head and flanged column
  • Flanged bowl construction
  • Alloy construction available with external flush of critical wear areas as an option for corrosive/abrasive services
  • Built-in alignment and simple piping for less costly installation and ease of maintenance/reduced downtime
  • Quick parts availability from OEM ITT Goulds parts



  • Customizable configurations for site-specific needs
  • Application-specific product options and material choices
  • Industry-leading efficiencies
  • Minimal floor space requirements
  • Options for low-NPSHa conditions and suction lift concerns


At Edelmann & Associates, we know Vertical Turbine Pumps.


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