How to Select the Best Goulds Pump for your Application

How do you select the best Goulds Pump for your application?  ITT Goulds Pumps offers a wide range of industrial pumps for use in many different industries and applications.  If you are looking for assistance selecting the best centrifugal pump for your application, Edelmann is at your service.  If you would like to understand the considerations for our pump recommendations, these ITT Goulds Pump resources may be helpful.

Before you choose a pump from Sulzer, Griswold, or Flowserve, make sure to compare the performance, selection and features of ITT Goulds Pumps.  As an example, our Goulds 3196 features that others don’t – like open impellers vs closed, patented taperbore plus seal chamber design, i-alert vibration and temperature monitor.

ITT Goulds Pump Selector Application

This downloadable pump selector application provides:

  • Pump selection and analysis customized to your requirements.
  • Over 6,000 sizes in Goulds extensive offering.
  • Complete pump performance data and product information.
  • Current data – always.
  • Select by flow rate, head, limits, viscosity, and pump performance.
  • View family, system and single-line curves.
  • Compare pumps individually or side-by-side.
  • Save files on your PC and work with other programs.

Download the Pump Selector Application User Guide to learn how to view individual performance curves when only pump model and size are known.

Download the Pump Selector Application


ITT Goulds Centrifugal Pump Selection Guide

You can also download the 40 page ITT Goulds Pump Selection Guide  as a PDF. This guide contains:

Centrifugal Pump Selection Checklist

The ITT Goulds Centrifugal Pump Selection Checklist will assist you in gathering pump requirements for the ultimate selection of the best centrifugal pump. Considerations like System, Liquid properties, Safety & environmental, economy/reliability, Edelmann has been specially trained in pump applications and should be contacted to assist in final pump selection for optimum reliability and safety.



ITT Goulds Pump Selection Charts By Industry Applications

  1. Chemical
  2. Pulp and Paper
  3. Mining and Minerals
  4. Power Generation
  5. Oil Refining and Gas Processing
  6. Pipeline
  7. Primary Metals
  8. Water and Wastewater
  9. Food and Beverage
  10. Fertilizer


ITT Goulds Pump Type Guide

  1. Process Pumps
  2. Vertical Sump
  3. Vertical Process
  4. ANSI Process
  5. Sealless Process
  6. Sealed Lined & Non-Metallic
  7. ISO Process Pumps
  8. API 610 Process Pumps
  9. Sump
  10. Abrasives
  11. Solids Handling Pumps
  12. Multistage
  13. Double Suction
  14. Axial Flow
  15. Vertical Mixed Pumps
  16. Bearings, Housings & Filters
  17. I-Alert Pump Monitoring in IIoT
  18. PumpSmart Pump Control Systems
Download the ITT Goulds Centrifugal Pump Selection Guide Contact Edelmann for Selection Assistance