Liquiflo Pumps for the Pulp and Paper Industry

pulp-paper-blogLiquiflo Rotogear® Pumps have solved many pumping problems for the Pulp & Paper industry due to their versatility, reliability, and pulse-less flow. Rotogear® Positive Displacement High-Alloy Pumps can handle many difficult chemical pumping applications associated with the production of Pulp & Paper. For decades, Liquiflo has met the needs of this worldwide industry by supplying quality pumps. For many pulp, paper and paperboard services, Liquiflo Rotogear® External Gear Pumps are the pumps of choice.

What makes these tough pumps so appealing? They’re heavy duty, long-lasting and reliable. In addition, they are easy to maintain and repair, and versatile, as the application list on the front shows. Their flow is smooth and pulse-less – excellent for metering applications – and always ready to accommodate paper mill processes and chemistry changes.

To offer the optimum selection for demanding polymer and chemical-delivery applications, Liquiflo Rotogear® pumps are available in a useful variety of corrosion- resistant materials for gears, shafts, bearings and housings.

Many mill operators are seriously looking at the benefits of magnetically-driven pumps over high-maintenance double mechanical seals. These seals must be flushed to avoid crystallization, with the flush water sent on to waste treatment. Even with such constant attention, the seals frequently incur damage and require replacement. On the environmental front, mechanical seals never completely avoid emissions, as opposed to magnetic-drive pumps which completely contain the pumpage.

Dependable & Versatile Pump for the Pulp & Paper Industry

A Paper Mill in Oregon produces chlorine dioxide on site for use in its bleach plant. The process produces effluents – chlorine dioxide gas, which is sent to an absorption tower, and a “spent acid” which is subsequently mixed with the plant’s black liquor and processed to produce sodium sulfite.

liquiflo-gearsSpent acid is a difficult liquid to handle. Its chemical composition includes 30% sulfuric acid, 20% sodium sulfate, and minor percentages of sodium chlorate, sodium chloride, chlorine dioxide and chlorine. The Mill maintains the acid at 100  ̊F and crystal formation causes many problems for the process equipment.

A Liquiflo seal-less mag-drive pump met the Mill’s stringent criteria. All wetted parts were made of corrosion resistant materials (PVDF, Teflon, Alloy-C and Silicon Carbide). The pump was installed with a 1.5 Hp, 1750 RPM AC motor and a variable frequency drive. The drive was equipped with a 4-20 mA analog signal board so that a truly automated variable flow system was built. Reversing flow to back flush the lines was not a problem for Liquiflo’s spur gear pump, and the pulse-less flows permitted reliable measurements of flow rates downstream.

Pulp & Paper Applications for Liquiflo Gear Pumps

  • Polymer transfer and feed for both neat and made down anionic and cationic polymers used for retention aid on the paper machine
  • Neat and made down cationic and anionic polymers in the waste treatment plant
  • Alum feed for pH control and charge neutralization on the paper machine
  • Sodium Aluminate for charge control on paper machine and internal sizing
  • Internal Size addition to the wet end of the paper machine
  • Sulfuric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide metering at various points in the paper mill including the pulp mill and the waste treatment plant
  • Liquiflo pumps are widely used in a variety of applications pumping proprietary & specialty chemicals for wet and dry strength addition in the paper making process
  • Adding proprietary chemicals to the recycled fiber process to break down fibers in the recycled products
  • Sodium Silicate and Silica addition used in retention aid application on the wet end of the paper machines

Pulp-Paper-Liquiflo-Pumps-BrochureApplication engineers, both at  Edelmann and Liquiflo, are experts at selecting and sizing Liquiflo pumps to work reliably with your mill’s special chemistry. They know your industry, and they’ll match your needs with the capabilities of Liquiflo pumps.


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