Trade In Old Pump – Trade Up to Wilden Efficiency, Max Flow & Cost Savings

TRADE-IN any AODD pump & save 25%* when you

TRADE-UP to Wilden Pro-Flo Shift

Trade in old pump for new Wilden PumpDo you have an older non-Wilden AODD pump ?

Don’t repair it or replace with the same brand.

Trade it in for a brand new, more efficient and reliable Wilden® pump with a six-year warranty at an unbeatable 25%* discount. That’s ANY competitive brand in ANY condition!  Whether its working or not,  you can receive 25%* off a Wilden pump of comparable port size and materials of construction.

Take advantage of this opportunity today.  Contact Edelmann for your discounted quote.

  • The non-Wilden AODD pump must be destroyed  (ex: drilling holes in the liquid and air chambers, manifolds, and air distribution system) and proof included – or traded in at time of order.
  • Some pumps may require mounting and plumbing changes (costs not covered in this program).
  • Our application engineers can help determine changeover process and potential cost savings.
  • This program only applies to businesses and municipalities located within Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and western Wisconsin.

Want to trade up an older Wilden Pump?

We will still give you 10%* off.

WILDEN AODD COMPARISONSYou’ll immediately reduce maintenance, increase reliability and lower operating costs.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Use this discount to upgrade your Wilden pumps to a more efficient ADS or trade up your clamped pump to a bolted pump for superior containment.
  2. Upgrade your reduced-stroke PTFE diaphragms to full-flow PTFE diaphragms and receive up to 37% more flow with your existing pump.
  3. Upgrade your Wil-Flex diaphragms to the new Chem-Fuse Integral Piston Diaphragms (IPD) for an increased diaphragm life and suction lift compared to other reduced-stroke IPDs.
  4. Trade up the outdated, inefficient ADS unit of your existing AODD pump for the Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS Retrofit Kit for lower maintenance and greater efficiency. No more filling air line oilers and working overtime to keep your process afloat.

Why Trade Up to a Wilden Pump?

yamada-flow-comparisonWilden Performance beats the competitors hands down.  And while your initial purchase price may be a little higher,  your lifetime operating costs are much lower, saving you money in the end.
Look at air consumption, max flow,  product yield, replacement parts and operating costs.
*Discounts are off MSRP.