Vertical Pump vs. Horizontal Pump

When should you consider a vertical pump versus a horizontal pump for your application?  Space constraints is one solid reason.  This Goulds Pumps case study presents the challenge and the solution.

One Goulds Pumps customer had already been running a horizontal pump for a process for a depropanizer net bottoms pumps pumping hydrocarbon at 0.444 SG.  Due to a change in duty, they needed to increase pressure at a lower flow, but there was no API horizontal pump that could support this need.

The ITT Goulds Pumps Vertical Inline Centrifugal Pump (VICR) pump was the answer.  The compact design uses a completely radial hydraulic in order to create very high pressures at low flows. This innovative vertical pump bowl assembly is secured using tie rods to further reduce the bowl assembly length.



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Five Reasons to Consider a Vertical Pump

This Goulds Pumps webinar outlines 5 reasons vertical pumps may the right solution for your facility.

five reasons for vertical pump


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