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Viking Pump K1224A-ASP1 Viking Pump has long been a leader in Asphalt pumps.  Now the NEW 1224A-ASP and 1324A-ASP pumps are even better.  These pumps are designed specifically for asphalt, bitumen, pitch, bunker oils, residual oils and related materials that solidify at ambient temperatures. They come standard with Viking’s O-Pro® Cartridge seal to prevent leaks of your process fluid.  And standard with a 3 year limited warranty.

They are available in two models.

The Viking ASP1 models are best for clean, non-abrasive liquids.

The ASP1 model asphalt pumps build upon Viking’s proven robust, heavy duty design that has been used for decades of successful asphalt transfer by adding shaft seal leak prevention through use of Viking’s O-Pro® Cartridge seal, which utilizes a double O-ring design with grease lubrication to provide a robust seal preventing process fluid from leaking out of the pump.

The Viking ASP2 model asphalt pumps are designed for abrasive applications such as the filled asphalts used by manufacturers of asphalt roofing and sealants.

These pumps utilize hard parts in key wear areas, combined with unique designs and operating practices to reduce abrasive wear for longest life. These pumps are ideally suited for liquids with concentrations of small but hard particles. The ASP2 model pumps offer shaft seal leak prevention with Viking’s O-Pro® Cartridge seal.



Pump Jacketing Included

All 1224A-ASP Series and 1324A-ASP Series pumps include jacketing. Standard construction features jacketing on the head and bracket only and are typically used for melting ambient temperature solids. Relief valve options are available for ASP1.

Jacketed pumps provide a cavity, or jacket, on the external wall of the pump through which steam or heat transfer liquid can be passed to control the temperature of the fluid in the pump. The heat transfer medium flows in a closed loop back to the boiler or heater. Applications include “melting” ambient temperature solids like asphalt which solidify in the pump when it cools. Jacketed ports are threaded.

1224A-ASP SeriesTM and 1324A-ASP Series pumps are provided with a jacketed head with no relief valve as standard. Integral pressure relief valves are available for ASP1 models. Integral pressure relief valves are not recommended for products containing solids that may settle out in the valve. K-KK size relief valves are non-jacketed, and L-N size relief valves are jacketed. All K-N size pumps with a relief valve require a non-jacketed valve-type head.

The R size pumps are available with a jacketed bracket, a jacketed head and a non-jacketed relief valve. RS models have a jacketed bracket and head with no relief valve.

Viking Pump 1224A ASP Operating Range

O-Pro Seal

Instead of using traditional packing sealing methods, which must leak, the ASP Series pumps use Viking’s O-Pro® Cartridge seal, which uses O-rings to seal externally on the bracket and internally on the shaft. These O-rings in combination with a lubricating grease provide a robust seal, keeping process fluid from leaking out of the pump. The O-Pro® Cartridge seal can be easily repaired or retrofitted without pump disassembly. FFKM O-ring materials are standard to allow the seal to withstand the high temperatures common to asphalt applications.

The ASP Series is only available with an O-Pro® Cartridge seal, but the seal chamber design will accept packing, component seals, or cartridge seals.

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