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ITT Goulds Pumps is recognized as a global leader in the manufacturing of quality heavy duty centrifugal pumps and pump monitors & controls.  At Edelmann & Associates, Inc we’re proud to be the Authorized Goulds Pumps stocking distributor and the Goulds Pumps Authorized Service Center for the territory of Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

ITT Goulds Pumps are designed with heavy duty features and are ideally suited for applications in chemical processing, oil and gas, agricultural, biofuels, pulp and paper, mining, water and waste water, and many more industries.


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As part of this leading product line we provide several types of industrial pump types, all in a wide range of metallurgies, including:

  • ANSI B73.1
  • double suction split case
  • high pressure multi-stage
  • Mag Drive
  • API 610 process pumps

We also offer sump pumps for submersible applications as well as axial flow and vertical turbine pumps.

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Goulds Pumps primary pump types are summarized below.

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ITT Goulds Pumps Selection

ANSI Process Pumps

  • Max. Capacity: to 6,000 gpm
  • Max. Head: to 925'
  • Max Temp: 700°F
  • Max Pressure: 450 psig
Goulds ANSI Pump
Goulds ANSI Pump

Large End Suction Process Pumps

  • Max. Capacity: to 28,000 gpm
  • Max. Head: to 410'
  • Max Temp: 572°F
  • Max Pressure: 360 psig
Goulds large end suction pump

Seal-less Process Pumps

  • Max. Capacity: to 1,200 gpm
  • Max. Head: to 550'
  • Max Temp: 536°F
  • Max Pressure: 275 psig
Goulds seal-less pump
Goulds seal-less pump

Vertical Process Pumps

  • Max. Capacity: to 65,000 gpm
  • Max. Head: to 3,500'
  • Max Temp: 500°F
Goulds vertical process pump

API 610 Process Pumps

  • Max. Capacity: to 50,000 gpm
  • Max. Head: to 9,000'
  • Max Temp: 850°F
  • Max Pressure: 4,000 psig
Goulds api 610 process pump

Double Suction/ Multistage/ Axial Flow

  • Max. Capacity: to 350,000 gpm
  • Max. Head: to 9,000'
  • Max Temp: 800°F
  • Max Pressure: 4,000 psig

Information source:  ITT Goulds

Goulds double suction pump

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