Wilden Sanitary & Hygienic Pumps for Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical

Edelmann offers a number of sanitary & hygienic pumps options for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.  Wilden AODD Pumps for hygienic applications have been designed to conform with sanitary standards (3A, EHEDG and FDA Guidelines, etc.), while providing gentle product handling, superior containment and easy maintenance.

Wilden Saniflo Features

  • Shear sensitive
  • Self-priming
  • High vacuum
  • Superior product containment

Common Applications

  • Food and beverage
  • Prepared food and sauces
  • Poultry and dairy
  • Sweeteners and acids
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics


Wilden-hygienic-saniflo-pumpsSpecialty Series – Saniflo™ Hygienic™ (HS) Pumps

  • Free-draining flow path for superior drainability and clean-in-place (CIP) capability
  • Multiple valve options for various viscosity requirements and increased shear sensitivity
  • Patented Tri-Clamp® style fittings designed with an eccentric cartridge check valve assembly, allowing for ease of maintenance by ensuring liquid chambers and pump manifold alignment
  • Utilizes Pro-Flo® SHIFT ADS for reduction in air consumption of up to 60%
  • High-pressures ADS options available for extreme viscous applications
  • Meet or exceed all 3-A, FDA CFR 21.177, USP Class VI, 1935/2004/EC, ATEX and CE requirements


Saniflo Hygienic Series Free Draining Flow Path


Specialty Series – Saniflo™ FDA Pumps

  • FDA alternative for clean-out-of-place capability
  • Simple installation and robust durability
  • Straight flow-through design for large-solids passage
  • Tri-Clamp style fittings for ease of maintenance
  • Meet or exceed all FDA CFR 21.177, USP Class VI, 1935/2004/EC, ATEX and CE requirements
Download the Wilden-Saniflo-Series Brochure

Pure-Fuse Integral Piston DiaphragmsWilden-pure-fuse-diaphragms

  • Up to 100% increased flow and suction lift compared to PTFE laminate diaphragms
  • Eliminates trap areas between outer piston and diaphragm where bacteria can grow
  • Eliminates normal abrasive wear caused by the outer piston in a conventional configuration, resulting in longer diaphragm life
  • Easy cleanability for faster changeovers between product
  • Up to 50% price reduction compared to PTFE laminate diaphragms
  • No adhesive used in the diaphragm construction unlike competitive one-piece diaphragms
  • Sanitary materials meet FDA CFR 21.177, EHEDG, 3-A requirements, and 1935/2004/EC* (*only available in Saniflex)


Pure-Fuse Diaphragm vs. Standard Diaphragm

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